Soundblaster on DOS to run DOOM

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So from what I understand this is how the drivers I found work: DOS needs a 16 bit sound card, it can't use a 32 bit sound card. So the drivers emulate a 16 bit card using the 32 bit sound card. However how it works depend on different parts of the card. It initializes the sound card on it's on IRQ, then creates the "16 bit" virtual card on a separate IRQ that acts like a bridge. The game would talk to the virtual card, the virtual card would talk to the real card and vise-versa. However my games weren't seeing card or virtual card and I think it's because the card I have just wasn't compatible with the drivers. Either way it wasn't a great solution.

With that being said I was able to exchange that card for another one at the local computer shop. However he didn't have any ISA cards. I got a 16 bit Philips sound card. It has Win98 drivers but we'll see if I can get it to work in DOS. Even though I haven't found a solution yet I have learned a lot and I'm happy about that at least.