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I'm wondering if there is any way to tell if I succeeded in compiling for dynarec on the Pi.

I followed post 5 here:



Which essentially amounts to getting a fresh install of SVN and then from the folder:

./configure --disable-opengl
sed -i 's|/\* #undef C_DYNREC \*/|#define C_DYNREC 1|' config.h
sed -i 's/C_TARGETCPU.*/C_TARGETCPU ARMV7LE/g' config.h
sed -i 's|/\* #undef C_UNALIGNED_MEMORY \*/|#define C_UNALIGNED_MEMORY 1|' config.h
make install

I'm pretty sure this worked for me at some point in the past, but there have been many changes in Pi land over the past year, and it seems slower to me than it used to be. I also noticed a bunch of "nothing to do" comments during the make when the compiler got to the bits about dynarec, but maybe that's just me being paranoid.

Can anyone tell me how I can check to see what I have enabled?


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leileilol wrote on 2020-06-26, 00:39:

If you type:
core dynamic

while running and it doesn't display an error, then it should be working.

thank you 😀

The Pi's video drivers are still quite bottlenecky...

I've noticed.

Is the way I installed it the best method in your opinion?
If there's some better option, I'd love to hear about it....