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I'm having some trouble getting a specific game to work in DOS mode (command prompt only) in Win 98, but it works when run from Windows directly. However it takes a big performance hit from doing this. (The game runs intermittently from DOS, I haven't figured out why, but the frame rate is significantly better). Also I have GL Quake which only will run inside the Windows environment.

How can I reduce the overhead caused by Windows when running these games?

It's a DX4-100 system, 80 MB of RAM, 256 L2 cache, 50 MHz FSB, 4 MB Voodoo1, S3 graphics.

IBM Valuepoint 486 DX4-100, Opti 802G, 50 MHz FSB, Voodoo1+S3 864, Quantum Fireball EX 4.0 GB, Seagate Medalist 1.6 GB, 128 MB FPM, 256k L2

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You can try and make sure that you don't have stuff running in the background, that's... pretty much all you can do. A 486 DX4 100 is an underpowered system to run Windows 98 on, and its overhead becomes more pressing.

If you want to try and focus on resolving your pure DOS issues, that might pay off better

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