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DosFreak wrote on 2020-04-08, 17:58:
Need to verify on 9x with and without kernelex […]
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Need to verify on 9x with and without kernelex

Roytam1 browsers
https://sourceforge.net/projects/kmeleon/file … C3.exe/download

I can confirm two things, KM75RC3 runs with KernelEx, and SeaMonkey 2.28 will not run without.
I'm running KM75RC3 and SeaMonkey 2.32 with KernelEx on Windows 98SE, both with JS disabled because otherwise it will crash the browser.

Both browsers will render an error message after closing them, no matter if JS is disabled or not. Also, SeaMonkey needs to recreate the user profile every time you run it, because disabling JS before loading any site will also disable things like the address bar from working properly next time you run the browser.

My Windows 98se is fully updated, has KernelEx with 4.5.2019.24 updates, jumper updates as well. Also installed MSXML.

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For those that want to use Opera 12 and mabye 10 without a proxy to browse modern sites and assuming the site can be viewed properly in opera then read the following to updated the certs:
https://msfn.org/board/topic/178283-how-you-r … comment-1186637

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