Dosbox help for dummies

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Dosbox help for dummies

Postby budhisetiawan » 2006-8-11 @ 21:49

Is there such a thing...cuz i love this concept if it works...i have so many old dos games that i never beat and want to play but couldnt...but man i cant get this thing to work for nothing...and i have searched my butt off and cant find an answer....
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Re: Dosbox help for dummies

Postby MiniMax » 2006-8-12 @ 00:33

DOSBox 0.73 ReadMe | DOSBox Wiki | DOSBox 60 seconds guide | How to ask questions
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Re: Dosbox help for dummies

Postby avatar_58 » 2006-8-12 @ 03:31

I would also make the arguement that ykhwong's CVS build:


Plus the new front-end here:


Together with the menubar+easy to use front end makes dosbox so easy to use it isn't even funny anymore. Read through those guides that MiniMax showed you for basic use though, because they definately help.
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