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I was wondering if someone has a LOT of profiles in D-Fend and Templates and stuff, and is willing to share the bunch?

BTW D.O.G. is comming, let the games begin :

Current progress :
- Adaptable Wizard, select game and get your custom made wizard loaded up from a DLL (each game has its own DLL so you can build your own configuration without the hassle of knowing witch settings to add or not.)
- Multiple DosBox version support (Wizard knows witch one is the best and will use that one if available).
- Minimize to tray, and start your favorites with only one click.
- Starting at Windows boot
- Making Windows links with just one click
- Off course the ability to import D-Fend profiles (I need some support you know)
- Ability to configure plugins like KeyB
- Off course Templates, Profiles ...

WILL be added no matter what the guy said :
- Context Menu addin for Windows Explorer ( Tired of opening the FrontEnd then choosing add profile, selecting stuff, this is over, now select your application and right click and poof your new profile is done )
- The ability to adjust multple profiles at ones. Just Select your options you wish to adjust on witch profiles and go for it.

By the end of next week I hope to have a beta version for all who wish to take a plunge out of the dark abiss of gameprofiles.

Thanks to all who gave me the idea.


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I have quite a large amount of profiles, but aren't they useless without context? I mean the locations of the games are all "C:\dos\GAME" and how would that help anyone?

I also tend to use '34000' cycles for many games as a sort of speedy value even if the game doesn't need it. So unless your PC can handle that much the profile wouldn't be much use.

One idea I did have though - was to start a database/wiki/website that helps people with what settings to use in dosbox, along with the amount of cycles that give best results. Of course it might HAVE to be a wiki considering I don't own every game out there.

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The reason for this request is because I want to test the importing of DFend profiles into my FrontEnd D.O.G. It is currently working, but it still needs to be tested before I post D.O.G.

The reason for the request is also because, currently I working on my Wizard Extenders. These are DLL's that are capable of creating profiles that incorporate fixes needed to run certain games. Like the one you mention below in your posts.

This Wiki would help a great deal.

Recently I've integrated the -version detection into D.O.G. and noticed that the older dosbox versions from 0.62 down, don't have this ability in them, is there another way of detecting the version, like a string inside the exe files recource?

I'm also in search of information on the older DosBox versions.

So if you want to share, ZIP, RAR, ACE, whatever floats your boat.

Thanks for the reply,


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Maybe you can try out my collection?

Good luck with your front-end, sounds like a lot of nice features!



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