Ultimate Packard Bell P3 / Voodoo3

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SpectriaForce wrote:
I think that your pc is slightly older than this leaflet: […]
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I think that your pc is slightly older than this leaflet:


Good old memories.

Probably one quarter earlier, although you could mix & match it out of these systems too.

The case had a K6-2 450 in it originally, but otherwise it's identical to the leftmost Club systems here, the motherboard could have come from one of the two Multimedia systems in the middle, but was probably originally paired with a P3-550 Katmai. I know a Spheris II (the case these Multimedias shipped in) would be the correct one, but even if PB used a full ATX case for a uATX board, I'm not going to.

Good news though:
- I found a second case. This time no cigarette smoke at all. So I can get a bit more adventurous in altering things.
- I did re-cap the board - and it was basically my first soldering project in years. It shows. One cap was almost completely loose, hopeless work. Yesterday I fixed it. Haven't had time to test yet, but am guardedly optimistic 😀

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I recaped mine with PANASONIC FR & FC, RUBYCON ZL & YXF, NICHICHON UHW - and it's working like a dream. I had to buy based on: 1. Availability 2. Specs 3. Brand 4. Price

My MS-6168 was trashed but I managed to revive it.

*It was missing 12 SMD components, capacitors and resistors.
*I did a full recap with 31 new caps,
*repairs done to the CPU slot,
*misc bent stuff all over the board,
*broken fan,
*missing northbridge heatsink.
*missing PINS on the motherboard,
*broken battery socket.

I have to clean it well and then in the box she will go. This is not a daily driver. 😁

To change the 31 caps it took me about 3 hours and I didnt have to redo a solder joint 😁

My MS-6168 V2.0 is equipped with 440ZX.

PRW-MS-6168-04.jpg PRW-MS-6168-05.jpg PRW-MS-6168-06.jpg PRW-MS-6168-07.jpg

I hope that you'll manage to repair your motherboard too.

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Update since my last post:

Found yet another board 😀

Of course, caps were leaking all over the place, but after replacing the lot, it's working. And nicely:
- no artefacting, good SGRAM 😀
- came with Coppermine CPU, happily works with that and other CuMine CPUs
- runs solid at 133MHz FSB - the P3-600E it came with does 6x133=800 effortlessly.
- boots with Tualatins on Upgradeware Slot-T adapter, but not stable under load regardless of FSB

Oh well, not totally perfect. Will play around a bit with voltage jumpers on the slocket and settings to see if I can get it stable with one of the Tualatins (ideally P3-1400S, failing that Celeron 1400A or 1200A), and see what a 1GHz P3 does. If I can reach 1GHz, I'm happy enough to proceed with this build 😀