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I installed a Diamond Monster 3d 4mb nto a Socket 7 mobo not too long ago. It runs the Tomb Raider demo, Descent 2, and some other demos that came with the driver disc that I have on hand. That being said, Quake 2 does not seem to recognize my card and I'm not exactly sure why. I select 3DFX OpenGL in the video menu, apply settings, the game refreshes only to revert immediately back to software mode. My best guess would be that I need a newer driver than the one that came on the original disc packaged with the card, but I'm not 100% sure. MiniGL maybe? Not super familiar with that but that's kinda what I'm thinking?

My Voodoo 1/mobo combo is a bit finnicky. I'm currently running an original version of Win95 (not OSR2) and the device manager lists it as "pci multimedia device" with an exclamation point next to it. Despite this, drivers are installed, it pops up in the properties tab, and I can run pretty much every demo no problem. MOJO (if youre familiar with it) also recognizes the card no problem and shows me all drivers installed.

I'm not sure what the issue is but any advice would be helpful.

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If driver doesn't help there should be some compatibility issue with your motherboard. Maybe Quake 2 sees from device manager and as it sees a unknown device it doesn't use GL. There may be a BIOS update available and it may help, or it may be your OS.

You could move this thread to Marvin because that is the actual thread for "old games on old systems"

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