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I am working on a little side project (a Toshiba T3100e -80286 & co-cpu) , where I managed to upgrade hdd , run PC-dos , however having problem in staring windows....

Running Windows on Toshiba T3100e is not turning out to be a simple task. (maybe I am selecting wrong specs during installation)

I concluded that its not worth trying 3.11/95 so ,
I started installing win 3.0 , it installs , however I am unable to start it after installation is complete. (getting stuck at win screen)
Same goes for Win 286 / 2.1

had an attempt to install IBM OS/2 1. but I don't even know where to start... it wont run setup (and not even sure witch file is the main setup file to run from hard disk after all files are copied)

no /s /2 /r options make any difference...

Most say that it has to be a CGA driver selected , others say laptop runs on something close to Olivetti.... I really have no clue , tried searching for additional drivers (not the ones included in windows , with little luck)

If its not drivers than could it be a memory problem? or maybe its just to old to be compatible with win3/2.

Dont have extensive experience with pre win 3.11 ... started on that os.

Can add that PC-DOS 7 runs good , dosshell all ok , volkov&northon commander runs great....

Any suggestions or info is appreciated.

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Hi, I'm guessing the T3100e has EGA graphics, but I'm not 100% certain.
Other sources state otherwise.

https://www.computersammler.de/sammlung/homec … toshiba-t3100e/


http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?650 … -Toshiba-T3100E

If that's true, some diagnostics programs like MSD, SI, CheckIt! should be able to figure that out.

The AT&T mode should work, though.
You can try it out with certain games, paint programs, etc.

Or this little program:
Olivetti/Logabax/AT&T/Toshiba 640x400 hi-res graphics mode

Normally, Windows 3.1 should run fine in Standard Mode on any AT compatible PC.
1MB RAM is a bit little, though. But it should work.
And PC DOS should be very compatible with MS-DOS, too.

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