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Not sure if this question has been answered somewhere else on this site, but do I need to use different ROMs to emulate the work-arounds used with of the MT-32 old for certain games to get the correct sound (e.g Space Quest 1 VGA)?

Currently I have two different settings using the Munt VSTi - one using 1987 MT-32 Control ROM (which I assume is the old) and one using 1989 CM-32L Control ROM.

Is that even necessary or can I simply use one set?


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Yes, that's right. The mt32emu engine does rely on the data of the control ROM, including when it makes a decision whether to emulate those quirks of the old MT-32 control ROM code. Note, more data is loaded from the control ROM directly, so we don't make a user-settable option to trigger emulation of the quirks because of that. So, when you want to get a particular unit emulated, you should load the respective set of ROMs. The only exceptions to this rule are the possibility to set the DAC emulation mode and the reverb model, but these are rather for historical reasons 😀