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I'm following this guide to make dosbox work with networking:


but I change baud rate values from 9600 to 115200 for speed.

I launch a vanilla DOSBOX 0.74 in linux with some extra drives mounted in it and no other TSR's running but ETHERSL packet driver.

I then run a test by sending 22,250 bytes out on the virtual network with ping for linux and sadly dosbox appears frozen because when I type in any set of characters while ping runs, nothing happens. But when I stop ping, all the characters I typed decide to appear about 6 seconds later and DOSBOX decides to be responsive again.

Has anyone encountered such behaviour from DOSBOX? and is there a way to minimize the bad effects (like maybe when I type in dosbox, the characters can appear slowly while ping runs instead of having to wait until ping stops entirely?)

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Have you tested on a real machine to verify what the expected behavior should be? Sending ~22k over serial isn't going to be very fast, and it will be segmented so the tcp/ip stack will probably have to buffer every packet (one byte at a time as it comes from the wire)...