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I patched the starting files for the adventure game Under A Killing Moon, so that it can be run from a DVD instead of several CDs.
In order to make things a little bit easier, I created an installer for creating a DVD version of this game. In addition, it also allows you to install the whole game directly to your hard disc.


- Option to make a full installation on the hard drive and play without any CDs
- or Create a DVD version, so that you can play later directly from the DVD without the need of changing CDs
- Full Installation can also be started later on from the DVD
- Original CDs can be inserted in any disc drive(s). (The correct CDs are recognized automatically)
- Support for English and German version of the game

All needed Infos are covered in the file DVDInfo.txt, which will be displayed at the start of the installation.

I tested the program thoroughly, but please report any possible errors in order to correct them. Further comments are welcomed.
If someone has the game in another language besides English and German, and want to have added support for it, please write me a PN.

Download (Version v1.3):
http://www.adamhearn.co.uk/games/texmurphy/Un … taller_v1.3.zip

Have fun!!!