RealPC is Back!

Emulation of old Macintoshes, Mac hardware, or Mac peripherals.

RealPC is Back!

Postby DosFreak » 2003-4-10 @ 03:54

Anyone have a POS Mac to test it out on?
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Postby Schadenfreude » 2003-4-10 @ 21:43


I let friends know - thanks!
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Postby Snover » 2003-4-11 @ 22:36

not quite what was supposed to be in here, but, uh, yeah.
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Re: RealPC is Back!

Postby AlienBZ » 2011-2-28 @ 02:24

DosFreak wrote:

Anyone have a POS Mac to test it out on?

What is a POS Mac? I have a Intel Mac running Snow Leopard (bought it July 2009) will I be able to test this for you guys on my mac?

EDIT - tried the RealPC link - broken link. What happened to make it break?
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