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I wish to thank Onno for his work on D-Fend.

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Yeah - a big hand to mabus/Onno. D-Fend was a big step forward in DOSBox frontends and obviously inspired other people to create frontends with similar or better facilities. In particular the ability of D-Fend to export the profiles helped the new frontends getting of to a good start.

From the DOSBox wiki:

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  • D-Fend - DOSBox-Frontend

    The largest DOSBox Frontend availabe. This frontend has supports for all DOSBox features and allows you generate default profiles for your system. It's also the only frontend which supports the unsupported cvs features. Because of its profile system and its intelligent mount system it's great for newbies and people using the cvs version of DOSBox. *Now supports Screenshot viewing for each Game Profile*

It is not all bad though. Now that D-Fend is not available any more, I hope we will see a shift to frontends that compatible with the newest releases of DOSBox.

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Great work, I *still* use it. Personally I still don't see much reason for me to change either, as it still does everything I need using the dynamic options.

I haven't found a new front end yet that I personally would chose over D-fend.