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DOSBox Shell Integration

Postby Sliver X » 2009-7-23 @ 22:24

I'm not sure if anybody else does this, but I set a context menu entry for .com, .bat and .exe files in my Linux file managers to run them with DOSBox.

I recently did the same for Windows the other day and thought I'd upload it in case somebody else would be interested:

Zip File

It works by using a batch file/script to read the defined dosbox.conf, swapping the mount point for C to be the called program's directory then running it. It's all done via the command line so it won't write to your config at all.

Here's an example of it under Windows XP:

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Re: DOSBox Shell Integration

Postby mika » 2014-7-09 @ 13:14

I've posted an reg file for doing this. Check it out at
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Re: DOSBox Shell Integration

Postby Stiletto » 2014-7-09 @ 14:48

mika wrote:I've posted an reg file for doing this. Check it out at

You've been registered since 2003, and this is your first post, and you bumped a 5 year old thread.

... BUT the links in the original post are DEAD! So what I'll say is CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS! :lol:
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Re: DOSBox Shell Integration

Postby Dominus » 2014-7-09 @ 16:28

He he
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Re: DOSBox Shell Integration

Postby collector » 2014-7-09 @ 16:37

Curious about the registration date and how long before the first post, but I think he mostly wanted to share/show off his Reg solution.

On the other hand, someone posted a Reg for this a couple of years back.
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