Civilization II

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Civilization II

Postby Wolfie » 2009-11-12 @ 00:23

Ok, my first time here
I have windows vista home premium.

My question is, can i play Civilization II using dosbox
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Re: Civilization II

Postby bushwack » 2009-11-12 @ 01:51

I'm thinking Civ2 is not a DOS game, but a Win3x and Win9x game.
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Re: Civilization II

Postby elfuego » 2009-11-14 @ 19:20

And you are right ^^

Civ2 should be working nicely under any windows. It even worked in linux as far as i remember, under wine...
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Re: Civilization II

Postby DosFreak » 2009-11-14 @ 22:24

IIRC, Civ 2 is 16bit so won't work in 64bit Windows unless run in a VM
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