3dfx voodoo chip emulation

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I'm working on this on my spare time. Up to now only minimal detection code is implemented; I got a big help on this by wd and gulikoza.
The aim is a software implementation of the voodoo1 (SST-1) chip. Documentation mainly comes from SST-1 official specs, found on this page.

The card seem correctly recognized (that was the easy part)

The chip is programmed through memory-mapped i/o, the code framework for chip registers handling is already in place (no reg is actually handled yet).

If you're wondering why dosbox should have this, well, voodoo chip emulation would virtually give:
- higher compatibility with titles (even those with integrated .ovl)
- portability
- integration with dosbox internal renderer: full-screen, different output modes and video capture would be supported
- no need of external libs
- d3d support for win9x games !!!

I'm looking for people that want to help; please post any comment on this thread.


EDIT: I attached the latest patch here. Apply to official sources:
voodoo_20101127.diff patch

You can use the Windows diff/patch tools in order to apply a patch to the sources:
Windows diff/patch tools

Use this syntax to apply a patch:
[code]patch -p0 -E <diffname.diff[/code]

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I had not much free time lately, but I'm still working on this.
Most of the games pass the detection routines now, some of the directx games crash on ddraw and need further debugging, while others are sending geometry data and textures to the chip, so they're working! (more or less)
there should be some good news in the coming days... meanwhile, enjoy this screenshot from tr3:


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As I anticipated, we have some good news, and sooner than expected...
Aaron Giles has just updated mame's voodoo code license to a BSD license, starting from patch 0.139u2.
I would like to thank Aaron and Stiletto for their support.

valnar wrote:

I'll donate some $$ to get this working and integrated into DOSBox. Send me your Paypal.

Awesome idea!

hehe, thank you, but I can't accept; I'm working on this on my spare time and I don't know if and when this will be finished. For this reason I'm looking for some help.
Donate to the dosbox project instead, but only if you manage to convince them to help me 😉

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You threw your own head into the swamp, now you gotta pull it out yourself 😉

Donations to the project are spent on the server costs, so not lost in pizza.
But yeah maybe money-feed kekko once he's finished, otherwise he always
has the feeling of responsibility which hurts the fun factor.

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So far you managed to get the chip detected right ? You haven't started on working on the texture stuff or do you have something there already ?

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