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With h-a-l-9000's help I've recently been able to compile a standalone OSX build of his MB5 and I've decided to post it here in case any other Mac users are interested in its features.

DOSBox MB5 is based on CVS of 2009/09/13 and adds several new features, printing to a file amongst them.

MB5 created by h-a-l-9000
OSX build compiled by thedoctor45

more info: http://home.arcor.de/h-a-l-9000

This build is compatible with Intel Macs running OS X 10.5 & 10.6. No PPC support!

Try not to exit on unsupported fullscreen mode
\a bell support
Add the 'IMGMAKE' command (creates disk images)
Make vgaonly features availible to other graphics cards - see [render]
Add DATE and TIME commands, midnight overflow, and host time synchronization
NE2000 Ethernet passthrough
OPL chip passthrough
Parallel Port passthrough and Virtual Printer patch, logging enabled
Parallel Port data redircetion to file/device
Add restart capability, Win95 can shutdown DOSBox through APM
Serial FIFO support and logging capability enabled
Increase maximum resolution to 1600x1200, add lot's of highres VESA modes
Add back selection of video memory size - up to 8MB = 1600x1200@32bpp
EGA / SVGA_S3 compatibility, enable LDGFXROM
CGA line-by-line emulation and video memory slowdown
Fix text mode panning in vgaonly modes
DOSBox can load while the splash screen displays
FILES= adjustable by Kippesoep
CONFIG command capabilities extended - manipulate config files
Restart capability - ctrl+alt+POS1 or config -r [params] or FJMP F000:FFF0
Windows version released as installer, no more need for collecting files all over the place
Contains HTML documentation of the features

Download Link:

Hopefully you'll find this useful.
I do not provide support for this build - ask h-a-l-9000 if you're having issues setting this up.

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I have reuploaded the build and updated the links since I found a problem with a missing library that needed to be fixed.
People who were experiencing difficulties with launching the app should redownload.

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works fine for me, jfyi

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