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DosBox in iOS

Postby Colo » 2011-12-13 @ 09:13

I've read read some topics ragrding running DosBox on iOS, but no finished version.

Does it work? Or only with jailbreaked device?

I mean it would be pretty good to make a version, of an old Dos-supported game with DosBox and approve it on apple, or would there be no chance to get an approval?

Best, Colo
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Re: DosBox in iOS

Postby Dominus » 2011-12-13 @ 09:26

Ios version works and was pulled from the app store. Apart from license issues apple didn't like it. For jailbreakers it still is available. I think
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Re: DosBox in iOS

Postby Colo » 2011-12-13 @ 09:32

and if anyone publish a complete game with DosBox for iOS? Can this be approved by apple or is there no chance?

The idea is, to re publish an old game without re develope it for iOS...
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Re: DosBox in iOS

Postby Qbix » 2011-12-13 @ 09:38

the license of the appstore is incompatible with our license as far as I know.
So not going to happen.
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Re: DosBox in iOS

Postby DosFreak » 2011-12-13 @ 20:24

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Re: DosBox in iOS

Postby VileRancour » 2011-12-14 @ 05:13

DosFreak wrote:

you know, this is funny. Public opinion has been regarding MS as worse than Satan himself for almost 2 decades now, but lately it almost seems like a reversal of roles, with MS becoming slightly more open and lenient, and Apple / Google / Amazon etc usurping the "throne of evil", so to speak.
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Re: DosBox in iOS

Postby bloodbat » 2011-12-14 @ 10:09

AFAIK the Windows 8 store thingie (since the nice people of Apple sue you for using Appstore...) will NOT allow GPL licensed software.
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