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like a lot of other users i tend to change pc hardware frequently.. how would this effect glidos ? .. and if i wanted to use glidos on another pc in the same house ?
i had intended to buy glidos for my spare pc (which has no net access and is mainly used for games) is it possible to unlock glidos from a pc which has no net access (assuming i`ve arranged the key from another pc) ?
i understand the system in place is to prevent piracy but it does cause problems for legit users..
plus what would happen if development stopped on glidos (god forbid !).. anyone changing hardware would`nt be able to unlock it again..
by the way .. great program !


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I;m sure if develpment stopped then a new ver would be released for that purpose. I'm just guessing tho.

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All valid concerns:

You do need to unlock again sometimes if you change certain things on your PC, but you don't pay again.

A standalone PC is difficult. You do need to generate the GlidosID on the machine you wish to run it on. But you can
pass the codes back and forward on a floppy as a text file
easily enough.

When I give up on Glidos, I will make the code generator public. I'll probably make the source code public also.