NaclBox offers hosting service for DOS games

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NaclBox offers hosting service for DOS games

Postby DosFreak » 2012-2-29 @ 01:45

Since we've started NaClBox, it has been a lot of fun hearing feedback about the site and the interest from people wanting to talk about two of our favorite subjects: classic DOS games and online gaming.

Many of us have DOS games that we're passionate about. For me, it is the original Star Flight. For many of you, we've heard you love XCOM. Many of you (like me!) are fond of the Sierra games. Every time I go to NaclBox, I want to play Space Quest 3.

So today we're excited to announce My NaclBox. My NaclBox is a service allowing you to upload your classic DOS games and play them online
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Re: NaclBox offers hosting service for DOS games

Postby leileilol » 2012-2-29 @ 02:22

I'm confused. Is this an in-browser-emulating abandonware site? Is it a cloud storage with emulators ran on that through the web?

Almost seems suspect for like a Dr. Evil scheme of hoarding DOS games or something.
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Re: NaclBox offers hosting service for DOS games

Postby VileRancour » 2012-2-29 @ 04:31

I think it's a more direct scheme of just hoarding $$$, if you look at the plans offered.
looks like a very nice margin on the cloud storage that they're basically reselling... just slap a bunch of functionality on it that's essentially free (Google Native Client / DOSBox), and Milo Steamwitz's your uncle!
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Re: NaclBox offers hosting service for DOS games

Postby collector » 2012-2-29 @ 04:31

Not abandonware. They say that if you do not own it, buy it from GOG. At just a cursory look, you setup an account for cloud storage space that you access your games through your browser. Perhaps with jDOSBox?
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Re: NaclBox offers hosting service for DOS games

Postby Gemini000 » 2012-2-29 @ 08:38

This seems to be a website taking advantage of the "cloud computing" craze that's going on right now and is essentially offering a pay service that could be replicated with a memory card or USB memory with DOSBox and a bunch of games on it that you just take everywhere you go. :P

...that might actually make for a good keychain come to think of it... :o
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