Database error after 2 weeks of good working

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I use DOSBOX to access a Database(Texass) on a WIN2000 PC from a 64Bit WIN7 PC.
It worked fine for a couple of weeks.
But now DOSBOX starts the program and then this program gives an error: Database blocked.

I have no explanation why it ran first and now there appears only the error message.

Please help.

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DOSBox Moderator

Dosbox is for games only and the developers are very outspoken about this. You seem to have found one more reason why non games or even worse, mission critical software, shouldn't be run on dosbox.

But it seems like a lock problem, perhaps another instance of dosbox is still running in a half crashed way hidden and blocking the database.

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No because that still won't stop people from trying their non game programs in DOSBox.

The purpose of the naming of the forums is to funnel people into specific areas so they can get proper support.....even if that's to say there will be no development support for programs in DOSBox.

It is still useful to direct those people to use other software\emulators or to user their program in DOSBox but not to expect integrated patches to support a program.

Why should the DOSBox developers, beta testers and patch creators support a company for free? That is the reason for no official support for programs in DOSBox. We do not want to be liable for corrupting your data. We do not want to do your work for free when we have more important things to do like getting games to work. We do not care one iota about your database app.

Extract the content of your database and import it into something more modern or use a emulator that supports your program.


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