Bug(s) in the 2003-12-10 release (Dosbox)

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Bug(s) in the 2003-12-10 release (Dosbox)

Postby Kari Salminen » 2004-1-17 @ 20:11

Hi there,
I found a tone difference in Monkey Island 2. The music I'm talking about
is the one that's playing after you just get ripped off by Largo on the bridge
(The music that's playing while you walk around the village but don't enter
any buildings). The accordion sound in the music sounds a little bit too
high pitched than it should be. I haven't recorded the sound from the
2003-12-10 release (Dosbox) that I've used but if someone thinks it's necessary I might get around to trying to do it.

The song as it should sound on the original MT-32 is here:

Hopefully this is at least of some miniscule help :happy:

Kari Salminen
Kari Salminen
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Re: Bug(s) in the 2003-12-10 release (Dosbox)

Postby Snover » 2004-1-17 @ 23:36

Thanks, Kari! (Mwah, more ammunition to prove that canadacow's years of going to loud heavy metal concerts has damaged his sense of tone ;))
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