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This isn't exactly retro. But I recently picked up a couple of motherboards puled from Dell Optiplex 390 computers because they were only $15 a piece and I have some family members running nearly 8-9 year old core2 and Athlon II x2 systems that could use an upgrade so I found a cheap Xeon E3 1225 and an i5 2405S . but the problem I have is that Dell forces the bios to halt on all errors which means the users of the machines have to pres F1 to continue because I get the error "Alert! Front I/O Cable failure" , Dell apparently shorts a bunch of pins together on the front panel and as always provides poor doccumentation, I need to know what all pins I have to short together on the front I/O header to make the machine think I have a Dell Front I/O panel. I tried looking at pictures online of the front panel assembly but couldn't find a clear enough picture. Does anyone on here have an Optiplex 390 that could clearly describe to complete pinout of front I/O connector or show a picture that clearly shows which pins are all connected by black wires.