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I am attempting to install Windows 98 SE and for whatever reason it fails to run setup.

At first I was using a SATA SSD in legacy mode, which Windows 98 SE boot CD detected just fine. I was able to run fdisk and format C:. However, after that it was just black screen. I should mention DVD-Drive was also SATA.

I also tried multiple variations on the procedure, running boot from USB, loading setup onto the formatted C drive and running it from there. In both cases, setup results in nothing but black screen.

Using the built-in automatic installer yields the same result. After formatting, I reboot, press "Continue installation" and screen goes blank.

I fully realize SATA could be an issue, however, I swapped the SSD for an IDE SD card adapter, and the DVD-Drive for an ancient IDE CD-Drive. Changed the BIOS options to PATA only - same result, nothing but void on the screen.

Neither hard drive or CD/DVD drives show any activity during this time.

Hardware I use:
Intel D915PCY motherboard.
PCI-e Geforce 6200 LE
512Mb of RAM

I fully realize SATA isn't supported out of the box in Windows 98 SE, but my understanding that legacy mode would be sufficient to get it to work (albeit very slowly).

I also understand that PCI-e isn't supported either and this could be the issue that causes black screen during installation, but I find it strange that DOS uses it just fine.

Any ideas?