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I downloaded three soundfonts for VirtualMIDISynth to be used in the game Road Rash. When I start the game and the MIDI starts playing an error "MIDI error" appears and I just ignore it since the MIDI plays. But when I pause the game, the MIDI doesn't pause. Even when I exit the race, the MIDI continues to play in the menus. I try different soundfonts but the same problem exists. This doesn't occur when I play the game on 'MS GS' synth provided by default.

The game has some dependency on 'AWEMAN32.DLL' suggesting it is using the AWE32 MIDI. I am still not sure of the function of the file but the game doesn't run without it. Maybe anything because of the E-mu MIDI found on AWE32?


Am I supposed to change any setting in VirtualMIDISynth?

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