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Kyrandia 3 is a game that I first played decades ago but old PC was running without sound. Now I do such games on my new phone (2020) from Magic Dosbox or I try with one Windows/Wine app called Exagear.

Most of the time when I have CD or other probs what I see in DosBox PC I see in the Magic Dosbox too.

Using Magic Dosbox, I set device in the emulation to Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 and Kyrandia's sound works only if you use Sound Blaster option in the game's setup.exe.

On my old phone from over 7 years ago sound works fine using this setting (Sound device SB Pro 2.0 and in setup SB)

The version of the game is one I got from GOG and because they force you to play thru their platform, I think the .exe file was missing, I added it on my own from wherever, that's how it worked. What can be the fix? New phone is from 2020, so more powerful everything.

I run this with


if that matters... but sound was fine with old phone