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Good day
I build new rig with laying around parts for (mostly)win98 and (some)DOS games.
For motherboard I use Albatron PX865PE Pro + P4 3.0 Nortwood (I know its overkill but I have it) + Radeon9000, so no ISA slots (anyway I dont have any ISA sound card) and no any connector for DDMA. For Win98 mode I like to get A3D/EAX, and a best of worst FM/OPL/(wavetable?) for DOS (and SB 16, if possible).

For sound I have a small pile 😄:
1. Yamaha YMF744 - a3d via Sensaura, SBPro for DOS
2. Aureal Vortex Advantage AU8810 - a3d, SBPro (miss for my MX300, sold very long ago).
3. Infamous Live! SB0220 - EAX, maybe SB16? Is it work with A2D?
4. CT4810 aka ES1373 - I think its a weakest part, but if has something interesting - why not.
somewhere must a lay ForteMedia FM801, but i think its not worth poke that pile of dust 😄

Second question:
Using idea from http://ixbtlabs.com/articles/livetolive51/index.html, Is it possible convert SB0220 to some more Creativish board? If so, which model to choose?

Today found some almost noname from PCPartner on KT133E+AXDA1700DUT3C (clocked at 100MHz - mother has no any switches). Its in bad shape, need recap, and have ISA. But I dont have any ISA Sound anyway 🙁

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None of your cards support A3d 2.0 for that you need something with the AU8830 chip like the Vortex 2.
While the Yamaha and Creative cards may support A3D 1.0 it's not to the same quality as a real Vortex 1 /Advantage.

The Live will support EAX 3.0 (any non creative card will only support 2.0) and yes should emulate a SB16

The ES1373 does have a few interesting notes.
It emulates a SB Pro in dos
Supports ecw waveset files
I don't mind the card but even I cant recommend this over the Yamaha/Live/Vortex. It's just a card to play around with or for something different.

Try the Yamaha in dos, if it works then great, if not then ditch it. as the Aural and Creative cards emulations isn't all that bad either IMHO.
I'd probably want both the Aural and Creative cards for the Win9x side of things.

Not sure I'd bother with modding a SBLive when Audigy 1 or 2 work in Win9x and will sound better then a Live ever will.