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Hi, recently I reinstalled windows 8 consumer preview on my thinkpad t23 in dual boot with xp (cuz for some reason triple boot with linux doesnt work). This version of windows is dated thats why Im posting here, not sure if its the right place.
Thing is, I wanted to install python which requieres visual c 2015 which requieres net framework 3.5. Trying to install framework 3.5 via windows update doesnt work, trying activating it through control panel also doesnt work, and using dism in command promt doesnt work it gets stuck in 68.5% and will pop an error. My thought is that updates for consumer preview are no longer available thus I cant install stuff.
My question is, is there a way to bypass this? Does someone know of a patch for this? Does someone have the files to make this work? I thought of copying net framework files from one pc to another but doesnt seem to work