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So DxWnd is trying to achieve Software emulation (I know why SW, but its better than using the ever breaking DDraw again) of DirectDraw overlays, and it has done a few of them quite well, but heavy development isn't possible unless there's access to more of the programs. Can users here guide to more applications running an overlay. Until now, we got this, but anything isn't fully complete:

  • mosquito.exe from DX7 SDK
  • mosquito.exe from DX6 SDK
  • ddoverlay.exe from DX7 SDK
  • ddoverlay.exe from DX6 SDK
  • overlaydemo.exe from AngelCode's site
  • drempel.exe screensaver
  • The Godfather intro
  • Nascar Road Racing intro
  • Nascar Revolution intro
  • a Knife, a Sword, a Laughter intro (work skipped as it works otherwise)

Overlays other than these are being looked for.


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