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Re: What was/were your first vga game(s)?

I did try out the Realsound in Links, it was very impressive but I already had a soundblaster by then. I had the PC speaker routed through the connector on the SBPro for PCSPK; I had to make sure my amp was switched off while the computer booted, the POST bleep made be jump more than a few times : …

Re: How much L2 cache does DOSBox use?

Should make some difference, the bus speed is 333Mhz against 266. Make sure that your RAM is DDR333 or higher though! The better the quality of memory, the faster the memory timings you can use 😁 The L2 cache size would be doubled, so it should make a difference! 😉

Re: Real newbie question regarding Dosbox/mt32

There wasn't anything to configure at all, it just worked. It's possible that your ROM file is corrupt, can you check if it works on someone elses computer? Canadacow listed the MD5 checksum for the correct ROM file, it may be worth comparing yours with that. Good luck! http://www.vogons.org/ …

Re: You guys have some work to do...

You seem to miss the point of Dosbox Wickedsmoke; it emulates a complete PC, not just DOS; so it is completely independent of the platform it is run on. If DOSEMU works for you, what's the problem? The whole point is to be able to run your old games by some method is it not?

Re: Digital sound under true DOS with ISA Soundblaster

in DOS
Since you are savvy with the SB and DOS I'm not sure whether this would be of help, but just in case ... http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=5611 CTCM never seemed to do anything worthwhile; I removed it from config.sys and everything seemed to work fine without it; this being with a sb16 pnp, …

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