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Privacy policy

This policy was last updated on 31 January 2020.

Use of cookies

VOGONS uses cookies to maintain your session when you are browsing the site, and to persist your automatic login preference (if you choose to enable this option when you log in).

Collection and use of personal information

VOGONS records access logs which include information about your browser, the pages you visit, your IP address, and certain administrative activities (like password changes). This information is used to troubleshoot service problems, to protect against malicious activity, and to understand how users interact with the site so that we can make more useful improvements.

If you create a user account, VOGONS will store any personal information that you give us when you create the account. You may use a pseudonym instead of your real name. This information will be used only to provide the services you’ve requested. Some of this information may be published publicly in your user profile and next to your posts on the site. You can choose not to publish this information publicly (other than your username, join date, and number of posts, which will always be published) by not providing it.

The email address you provide will be used only to send transactional messages (like notifications on topics you are watching) and critical communications related to your account (such as notices of security breaches, or material changes to the site’s management which could affect your privacy, should any ever occur). You may choose the types of notifications you receive from your user control panel, as well as whether or not to allow other users to send you emails through the board.

Modifying & deleting personal information

You can modify any personal information you’ve provided to VOGONS (except for your username) at any time through your user control panel.

You can request that your username be changed, or that your account be deleted entirely, by sending a request to a VOGONS administrator. We may restrict some account deletions in order to safeguard any critical research you have published to the site under our open content policy.

Third-party use of personal information

We allow members to embed media in their posts from arbitrary third parties. While we try to anonymise these requests using features available in modern web browsers, third parties may still be able to track you as you browse VOGONS. We do not have any relationship to these third parties and cannot control their use of this tracking information.

Whenever you register or log in, your username, email address, and IP address may be sent to a third party service for the purpose of detecting and blocking spam. For accounts which do not post spam, this information is retained by the third party for seven days and then discarded. For accounts which post spam, this data is retained and published by the third party in a public database of known spammer accounts.

Your personal information may also be transmitted to third parties when investigating malicious activity, in response to a valid legal request, or when creating backups of our database.


VOGONS stores passwords using a strong one-way hashing algorithm. VOGONS team members do not need your password and will never ask you to disclose your password.

VOGONS is available over SSL. We make every effort to automatically upgrade connections, but it is possible that other users may access the site using an insecure connection and leak information over the network.