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Re: Destruction Derby for the Diamond Stealth 3D 2000

I was able to get my hands on one of these. The DOS version runs with the S3 data, just doesn't show the intro screen, which appears only as a green colour filling up the whole screen, otherwise looks exactly the same. Since I don't have a S3 Virge card I won't be able to test the opposite.

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
Afterburner also seems to be running with only 16 colours in both EGA and VGA modes. The palette differs a bit in each mode, though. Same with California Games that has EGA/VGA mode and MCGA/VGA mode. It tends to recommend EGA/VGA mode but MCGA looks a lot better IMHO.

Re: Carmageddon 1 hires low performance

in DOS
^^ not sure what system you were running that on. The Build engine CHUGS at "high" resolutions, I needed a P4/3.0GHz (pure DOS) to get 30FPS out of it at 1280x1024 (in pure DOS.) 1600x1200 was sub-20 throughout. @tiagotarifa: I've found the GLIDE (3DFX) port of Carmageddon runs nicely on my 233MMX …

Re: Carmageddon 1 hires low performance

in DOS
Carmageddon is CPU hungry, but Duke3D shouldn't be. I remember running Duke3D with edited .cfg file @1024x768, 1280x1024 and even 1600x1200 on a similar config at very acceptable framerates. Best solutions for Carmageddon are getting a Voodoo card or a faster CPU.

Re: Nascar Racing 2 - DOS Glide

in DOS
biessea wrote: I tried to put this line in the .bat nas3dfx.bat file but after the 3dfx logo it remains black screen. Did you remove the quotes? That line is supposed to disable the 3dfx logo splash screen.

FITD (Free In The Dark) version 1.01

https://github.com/tigrouind/fitd-residualvm/releases/tag/1.01 Just tried this latest version but it complains about a lot of missing .dlls. I managed to find them all but I'm afraid some are not the correct version (the game complained about missing instructions on some of these .dll versions and …

Re: ABC Sports IndyCar not working on Win7 x64

This fix I created removes the nuisance of switching to 16-bit colour everytime (you'll have to play it in Windowed 640x480 to avoid garbled menu) but since it's forcing 640x480x16, it will seem to be running in full screen at full time already. It also fixes the low disk space message. Still needs …

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