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Re: ESS card with real OPL3 chip?

kolderman wrote on 2023-03-12, 03:03: appiah4 wrote on 2019-10-12, 22:49: the ES688 chip has no MPU401 functionality normally and requires a TSR to enable that. Can softmpu be that tsr? I don't believe softmpu currently is usable with 688 chips.

Re: Good news everyone! A new mTCP is available! (2022-07-01)

in Milliways
A new mTCP is available. Here are some of the highlights: Much improved DNS support, including a local HOSTS file and support for a local domain name. TCP/IP flow control improvements for slow/bad connections and bug fixes for improved compatibility. Improved compatibility with "WiFi" modems ( …

Re: EtherDFS - a network drive for DOS

I am aware of ethflop. It is an interesting solution to a very very specific problem so it makes it very limited IMHO. For example you can't even use ethflop to install a multidisk program as there is no mechanism to signal a disk switch on the client or the server. However, if you just need to get …

Re: Gatekeeping in the retro hobby

in Milliways
I would probably fall afoul of gatekeepers. I have been doing most of my retro computing lately on an 8088 motherboard I assembled myself, with video card/floppy controller/hard drive controller/network card/sound card I also assembled myself. All running on a backplane I built as well.

Re: Building a Home NAS / File Server for DOS

in Milliways
Intel486dx33 wrote on 2022-12-31, 17:44: Yes, I have not decided on an operating system yet. I was thinking about Windows server and administer it with Remote Desktop. You'll miss out on a LOT of interesting utilities running windows.

Re: Building a Home NAS / File Server for DOS

in Milliways
I have set up a dedicated file server to share data with my MSDOS/Windows9X/XP+ machines. It's a Debian linux host, running on a raspberry pi 400 (any hardware will do.) For presenting files, I use a combination of several applications: etherdfs: Uses packet driver to map a drive letter as a local …

New office has large window; is there a UV protective film that will keep my vintage hardware from yellowing?

I've got a Tandy 1000 and some other vintage beige box hardware sitting on my office desk for downtime tinkering. I'm concerned that it will begin to yellow now that it's near this large window. I have some semi-dark curtains but a fair amount of light passes through them, and I often will have the …

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