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Re: The Weekend Thread (Fri-Sun)

My cousin passed away last Tuesday. She was still young, about the same age as me, but she was suffering from diabetes, and it led to further complications. Suffice to say that her mother, my aunt, didn't take it well, so this Saturday we took her out in an attempt to alleviate her grief. Well, our …

Re: How over powered are modern PCs?

My daily driver (not my gaming system) is an old i5-2400 @3.10GHz. Despite being slow and outdated, it is fast enough to run everything I throw at it: Photoshop, Corel, XAMPP, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, virtual machines, to name a few. In case of games (which I rarely play on this PC anyway), it is always the …

Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

Nobody would be foolish enough to connect a PC directly to their cable modem without using a router. Or a least even Windows XP's "built-in" firewall. I think outlandish claims of XP being "infested" within mere minutes are simply not true and extremely misleading. if a home-user takes a few simple …

Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

Oh, it's fun sticking a non-patched XP machine directly on the internet and watching it get overrun by malware within a matter of minutes. BS do you care to wager? XP can tip toe through the net without issue if you know what your doing. I've heard this BS for years, I guess the internet doesn't …

Re: Random weird PC tales

BEEN_Nath_58 wrote on 2021-10-24, 05:46: I would think like this: generic cable-huge file = fail, premium cable-huge file= doesn't fail. But it doesn't work that way, does it ? Well, the hard drive wasn't even detected when connected using generic USB cable.

Re: Random weird PC tales

About... ten years ago I was supposed to restore a huge Oracle dump file to a new server. The dump file was stored in an external hard drive, and the server was located right under the KVM switch (which is slightly under chest-level), with nothing else beneath it down to the rack floor. So I have to …

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