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Re: graphics that over promise and under deliver

in Milliways
Thinking about uncanny valley: the eyes. I was never a big fan of sphere eyes either (See: Jedi Outcast, Timesplitters 2, Giants). The better aged eyes from around that time tend to be more of the "calculate UV like an environment map but reflecting from the eye origin to where they're looking at" …

Re: PC gaming magazines with full games

in Milliways
In the 90's US, there was Computer Games Strategy Plus which would occassionally bundle a full game's disc (usually years old by that point). What Computer Gaming World usually did was put old promotional freeware rereleases from Sierra (Red Baron EGA, Betrayal at Krondor) for promoting their …

Re: Open source DOS games

in Milliways
Command & Conquer Remastered's source actually still has quite a bit of leftover DOS-era residue and there's a (non-DOS) faithful port using it, if that counts. https://github.com/Vanilla-Conquer/Vanilla-Conquer No idea if there is an attempt at a DOS backport of this. Some of the recent commits …

Re: Is Vista now Retro

Considering the new GetShellFolderPathEx-esque sabotage in new Visual C Core runtimes exclusively made for Windows 10 since late 2020, this is already happening for 7 and even 8.1. It's pretty bad since it'll blindly hit visual studio-adjacent developers and there's much "7 broke? oh well its EOL …

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