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Re: Old tech demo nv4 / RIVA TNT

in Milliways
FutureMark was founded in 1998 as a sister company of Remedy and they've done earlier work with Final Reality. 3DMark99 was an Oct 1998 release. You'll probably also want to look into MatureFurk. 😀

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
Yeah I think i've only seen glimpses of that scheme in some magazines and manuals but never made the connection to S3 until the later DOSbox 0.7x era of emulating Win3x with S3 drivers. The Win7 basic-esque look of the scheme's a coincidence

Re: 3DFX Voodoo 1 - Win98 Green Screen

rootifera wrote on 2024-06-14, 23:18: Weird thing: I forcefully install the card as Voodoo 2 using fastvoodoo drivers and with that Croc 2 works and Croc 2 is the only game that works on Win98. That shouldn't work because Voodoo2 drivers internally verify the card and would spit startup errors if …

Re: Duke Nukem 1 and 2 sound issues

Vibra 128 requires TSRs to be loaded to get any DOS sound at all as emulation of the sound blaster needs to be explicitly enabled. FM's gonna sound bad on it. Also it's a good idea to apply that "Sblive fix" for duke3d as well, as it's going to crash in the echoey areas (sewers etc) Try the latter's …

Re: Problems with my Matrox Millennium II

Have I done something wrong or is this how this graphics card is meant to behave? Welcome to first generation 3D! GLQuake's slow because it's software rendering - pre-G400 MGA cards didn't have a GL ICD. You can at least try Techland's MSI3D driver (pulled out of the Crime Cities demo) with that to …

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