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Re: what cool retro thing would mean little to you?

in Milliways
Probably anything related to CGL and Glint. more like.... lint!!!! Also those dorky 94-95 home VR headsets (a byproduct of the immense amounts of VR hype at the time) Finally, VLB stuff. I've never had a decent experience with VLB, as my interest in that bus was brief after one burnt video card and …

Re: PCem v17

Some games that can work with the Banshee emulation now: - Command & Conquer Renegade - Dance Dance Revolution - Empire Earth - Evil Dead: Hail to the King - Max Payne - Oni ...and probably many many more unlisted games from the period of 1999-2001 that ignore secondary video devices, as well as a …

Re: sonicMayhem vinyl quake 2 album

in Milliways
There's a monkey's paw in asking for that. Like when Quake recently had a vinyl release, there's been contentIDs hitting many old videos and streamers. Same for when Sonic Mayhem rereleasing Quake3 Noize digitally earlier.

Re: best build of dosbox and frontend?

There's no such thing as a best build with savestates. The entire concept of save states can't apply well with file locking, virtual memory, and how DOSBox is initialized. It's not a console system where you could always emulate with a constant of ROM data and memory (to reliably state it up there).

Re: Fact review on graphics card purchase for XP

Baoran wrote on 2020-11-23, 05:12: The newer card you get the better the performance is and older card you get better the compatibility is. Not always. RadeonHD is worse at legacy compatibility than the GCN series after it, somehow... Yes this implies Win7+GCN > WinXP+RadeonHD for some retro setups …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Software Quake has surfaces split up in blocks/leafs so the mip levels do have visible pop-in as they don't switch around the surfacecache across depth, so GL mipmapping doesn't match this behavior. It would be possible to hack in a forced software-driven mipmap to recreate the effect, but that's …

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