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Re: Downgrading Dx Versions

DK2 has a software renderer fallback mode that it probably went to when it couldn't initiate a DX9 class card's D3D HAL backend anymore. I can't recall having issues with DK2 starting on DX9 with ATI cards in the day. This "DirectX problem" sounds very nVidia driver related (and not surprising given …

Re: Where can I get an MSDOS game database?

there's also the high chance of false detections from finding common binaries, batches and loaders, as well as the factors of cracked versions altering everything, and the mandela effect of pirated 'abandonware' versions affecting those who have legit copies. Trying to database it like a bunch of …

Re: A game of spotting THE explosion sprite

in Milliways
Bumping this because I had forgotten to share some definite information about everyone's favorite fireball just to nail this mystery down for good. It comes out of Visual Concept Entertainment's Pyromania 1 . Peter Kuran is the guy behind it. VCE Films used to have the clips for sale until 2021. …

Re: VOGONS github

in Milliways
A Win98-era game that was open sourced a few years ago that doesn't work on Win98 and no effort since 2017 https://github.com/LongbowGames/TreadMarks

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