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Re: List of Free Games

in Milliways
kolderman wrote on 2020-01-22, 08:48: If you don't already own those games ....I don't know what to say. You'd be surprised. i've already seen one vocal "no steam drm evil!!! ugh where can i find pre-steam HL2?" troll yesterday on Discord...

Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
It's also a DotEmu port. Given how much they don't even care about their thrown-up Neo Geo emulator+roms releases being lazy, badly configurable emulators worse than NeoRageX, I wouldn't hold any trust in them either. SNK's certainly regretting it.

Re: AGP Card for MVP3 motherboard (FIC PA-2013)

When I think of the Savage line, I think of graphics glitches in D3D/GL stuff and frequent hardlocks on certain motherboards, so best of luck with that. Also if you're bleeding into 1999, go with the V3 anyway. V2SLI=V3=V2SLI is a lie. V3 doesn't thrash as hard, doesn't interlace, and has a greater …

Re: Customize Windows XP to look like 95

XP doesn't even get to boot on a 486 due to a lack of certain CPU extensions, so this concern trolling argument is just for the sake of it. Also the "slow shell" is an IE4+ feature designed for Win95 that's integrated by default on Win98 and after. It's no ME/2000/XP thing, and has little to do with …

Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
Running everything bare on Windows 10 isn't what OP asked for, but listing problem games and workarounds to run them from windows 10, which includes virtual machines. Goal posts moving much? Also virtual machine software can update and regress guest support. VirtualBox's no longer a good "run game …

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
The Dynamix Incredible Machine/Toons games also do the VGA640 palette thing at a lower vertical resolution, and are often mistreated as 4:3 modes in emulation (or at least i've always remembered them looking fairly letterboxed on real CRTs of the time, it wasn't like 640x400@70 VESA modes)

Re: AGP Card for MVP3 motherboard

how much hassle is it to have 2 Voodoo cards in one system? Not hassley at all as long as you install V1 drivers first then V3's, and then for the finicky V1 wanting games (such as I76 Gold for example) you should be a ble to toss the V1-relevant Glide DLLs in that game and you should be in V1-land …

Re: Dosbox none vs Normal 2x on a CRT

That's great thanks. I guess CGA and EGA run on a VGA card must have been doublescanned by the card for monitor compatibility then? Effectively how you remember these games depends on what kind of PC you played them on. Correct! Also some CGA games would get broken colors and/or text characters ( …

Re: "hidden gems" games 1999 to 2007

in Milliways
1NSANE's the relatively hidden gem of the Codemasters racing games and the physics ages better than the graphics/gameplay :P kind of got lost in the Opflash/Blade/ColinMcrae shuffle. Also if you're a sucker for fantasy stuff that's not a big grand RPG / MMO / HP / LOTR, there's Darkened Skye and …

Re: Activision Asteroids redbook audio

in Windows
Well yeah, you're not going to get *any* 3d acceleration in Win9x on Virtualbox no matter what. It's not supported. You could probably try an XP guest in Virtualbox though, where there's still some 3D support left remaining for the soon-deprecated driver.

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