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Re: Sound Blaster SFX on PCem?

The last release is from April 2020. Also this depends on the model of Sound Blaster you're using (default settings will differ), your BLASTER variable, and what card your vaguely obfuscated game is configured to.

Re: Windows 95/98 games you never get tired of?

in Windows
Gentlepoke wrote on 2020-10-22, 17:19: But on the positive side, you get to play the source port as recommended by Bill Gates himself, so I think that makes it even. It's less of a recommendation and more of a "doom is on windows...THERE now dos is dead!!!! windows can games!!! buy windows!"

Re: Windows 95/98 games you never get tired of?

in Windows
What are peoples thoughts on Doom95? I still mainly play the vanilla dos version but fired up the Win95 version earlier this week and quite liked the better resolution. On the one hand its a legit retro release, on the other i felt if I'm doing this may as well just play on a more modern port. If …

Re: Recently dug out one of my childhood PCs, how good is it for 9x gaming and is it worth upgrading?

I don't know the 810 graphics personally, but I'm sure someone will be along later who does. If it's the I751, then it's good enough for a lot of things before 2000. It's certainly not in the SiS IGP tier. Doesn't have the best 16bpp rendering though (no dithering IIRC, so overbright/gamma'd up …

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