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Timesync Patch - Where can I find it?

In other post, a developer asked me if a tested the game using "timesyncing"... Where can I find it? Is it already in 0.74 or is it on a SVN build? I need help with IPX, seems like many people get the same errors over and over in different games like Constructor, Theme Hospital, and M.A.X. (out of …

Re: Interstate ’76 Arsenal - problem on my ATI card

in Windows
Thank you so much!! It's really a driver problem from ATI. I uninstalled my previous drivers, and Windows 7 automatically reinstalled the old ones from 2009. Interstate 76 now works great using nGlide v1.00 both D3D and Glide/3DFX (in D3D it's slow, so I stuck with 3DFX). Tested my other games and …

Re: Terrible lag when playing online, why?

Have you tried it without Hamachi? Hamachi (or any VPN) is only needed if you are unable or incapable of modifying your firewall config. How do we play without Hamachi? What's the IP we need to tell DOSBOX connect? How do I get my real IP? 100ms is more than an IPX network would have had back then. …

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