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Re: AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

Beegle wrote on 2022-10-25, 20:30: I have the "Midi Pak" cable for Adlib Gold, documentation (1993) and floppies. Apart from destroying the cable, is there any way to check which pins lead to which holes? Electrical continuity tester maybe? Yeah, that should do the trick 😀

Re: AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

What about the MIDI cable? Is a special "Adlib" MIDI cable needed for the Joystick port? Because I've seen videos reporting problems with a typical Joystick-Midi cable. Yes, a special „AdLib“ MIDI cable is needed. It’s the very same implementation as the original card. But the pinout of that cable …

Re: Graphics card for Via C3 Nehemiah builds?

I'm using mine in conjunction with an AGP FX 5200 + Voodoo 2. Not sure if the FX 5200 is overkill for the Nehemiah, but it felt like a good fit. Both are somewhat later parts that weren't that fast for contemporary applications, but do a really good job at DOS & Windows 9x gaming. The Voodoo 2 is …

Re: PCMIDI with Roland RA50

oohhh! can't wait to see what it is! It will surely be helpful for both PCMIDI and Roland MPUs ! Yeah, that's why I started working on it :) I have an Orpheus and some other Intelligent mode compatible MPUs, so I don't actually need the Intelligent mode emulation provided by SoftMPU. Figured it …

Re: PCMIDI with Roland RA50

Yes, that will work. The PCMIDI is essentially a clone of the MusicQuest card, so it will work just fine. The PCMIDI will operate in UART mode when using it in conjunction with SoftMPU, while SoftMPU emulates Intelligent mode in software. Regarding the Roland RA-50: it's almost 100% compatible with …

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