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Re: Genewars

My version is not from HOTU. Anyway I doubt the version I am using is the problem, since the exact same version does not have those errors when run in XP. Also the fact that dosbox official 0.65 build, when run in windows has even worse problems than the 0.65 self compiled under linux is strange. …

Re: Genewars

OK, I tried it in Windows XP without dosbox. It runs,no errors, but only without sound and too fast. Anyway I tried it in dosbox under XP too and for some reason it looks even worse there:

Re: Genewars

mmhh there seem to be some people who can run the game without those problems. Maybe they can tell what version of dosbox they use and on what machine etc. Maybe it is a driver problem or ATI specific, but I doubt it. Also you can speed up the game using dos32a to replace dos4gw, does not help with …

Re: Genewars

Well the game runs fine for me, exept for the looks. univbe does not seem to work for me either, I did not use the dosbox version you recomended though. That has some funky dependencys on linux, so I built my own with just the svga patch.


Hi I have a problem with Genewars, it looks like here: Genewars in windows xp I use Gentoo Linux with an ATI Radeon 9500pro. I tried a few versions of dosbox: 0.65,CVS, and even the tseng svga patch I tried different output settings in the config too. So any ideas?

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