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Re: Deus ex freezing at startup

in Windows
Well at the end of the day i had to go into the archive of cwdohnal and i had to find the last custom DX8 renderer for deus ex, not DX9, not openGL, DX8 is the one. Now i get better performances and visuals and no freeze, i still would like to know if by limiting my GPU to AGP 2x i'm creating some …

Re: Winevdm

xpclient has quite the collection, i'm guess it's so old all you need are the game files not even installers it was envitable, you can't update paper books like you can an online wiki. people should double check anyways. history is constantly changing. never knew Edison had interns invent the light …

Re: What NAS are you using ?

in Milliways
Not NAS .... DAS! 1x mini ITX home server in a not some comon unbranded chinese itx/amiga (2008-2009) case \ i7-3770T 16gb ddr3 kingston 500gb ssd 10G NIC Win Server 2019 External IP KVM 1x MediaSonic ProRaid eSata RAID array with 4x 12tb IronWolfs in Raid 10 22TB (possibly soon to be RAID 6 due to …

Re: Steam possibly dropping old processors

in Milliways
so Yorkfield is not Yorkfield! APPARENTLY those specific core 2 quad / 775 CPUs are truyl missing that one instruction. which is WEIRD that a q9550 would have it and a q9650 would not! There's a reason I've avoided Steam as much as possible, and whenever I've had to purchase something from Steam …


in Milliways
Heya! welcome back! You only missed drama, I guess :) I do prefer the old-skool theme much more than the default theme. I need the old purple glory! oh? does the site have new ownership or something? or the same old argument about not being able to trade and sell? old school them and Stylus to fix …


in Milliways
wow man i've been gone to for too long! i see the forums have been updated. it's a lot to take in at first. looks like they even moved a few sections. the community is still thriving i assume? i've taking my gaming to the cloud in the past year or 2 by rolling my own self hosting google stadia type …

Re: suggestion for market

in Milliways
yeah that's what sucks the one site that EVERYONE uses is vogons, you can list on other site but, you don't get the views that vogons gets. i give away old PCs and macs and hardware but, it's hard to find it all home or get in touch with everyone from all the different forums. they do NOT allow sale …

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