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Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Hi, Just received my TexElec SAAYM and did some testing with YM2151 tunes in my old 386. It's working great ! Is there anyway, maybe in future, to combine the SAAYM with a simple SoundBlaster in order to play both YM2151 and PCM parts (many YM2151 tunes uses SegaPCM/OKIM6295 for the PCM parts) ? …

Re: Looking for the rare Dune (Cryo) non interactive Demodisk

in Milliways
Thx for yours replies. I couldn't find it in 2008. I've kept searching until mid 2010 and moved on something else. Few months ago i've decided to restart my old DOS machine and play Dune and then i did another search and boom here it is on several differents locations. Patience is really mother of …

Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

I've some troubles with the Flashback's rip . SBVGM version 1.14 MSDOS 6.22 386DX40 with real AdLib (original not clone) card (port 388). Logo and Introduction tunes are randomly out of tune/wrong speed/missing instruments. I've the game installed on the same machine to compare. Sometime the tune …

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