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Re: Mounting CUE

As Qbix already stated, it depends on how lib_sdlsound is compiled. I 'think' default settings are to compile mp3 support in as it does not need any third party libraries. Otherwise it should work, if the cue file it correct. If you have troubles you can post the cue sheet.

Re: mounting ripped redbook audio

You can make a cue file ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cue_sheet ) that has an iso file system as track 1 (if it is a data cd) and the others as audio files, this can be everything that the SDL_sound library ( http://icculus.org/SDL_sound ) supports. The library is quite buggy, but I think mp3's …

Re: Start sector address incorrect.

I reported a similiar bug almost three years ago... If I remember correctly the problem is that the tracks start 150 sectors (2s) later than they should. I had attached a patch, but it probably wont apply anymore... See: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=883811&group_id=52551& …

Re: Mounting iso images

Both should work (dosbox drive and host drive). You can try as well (in dosbox) to change into the directory containing the iso and mount it from there without any path elements: e.g. imgmount d myiso.iso -t iso In case you are using dosbox 0.63 on a ppc mac: There was bug that caused this (wrong) …

Re: mounting virtual cds in DosBox

Good to see it working, but the commands should work in the autoexec section too. I just tried a similar autoexec config like the one you posted, and it worked for me (but with a different game and under linux). If you just put this single imgmount command as above in the otherwise empty autoexec …

Re: mounting virtual cds in DosBox

Can you just load ykhwong's dosbox build with a fresh dosbox.conf (or with a clean autoexec section), and then type at the prompt: Copy code to clipboard 1 imgmount d C:\Ripper\RIPPER1.iso C:\Ripper\RIPPER2.iso -t iso And post me any message you may see as a result.

Re: mounting virtual cds in DosBox

It should be more like this (imgmount replaces mount for D): imgmount D "C:\Ripper\RIPPER1.iso" "C:\Ripper\RIPPER2.iso" "C:\Ripper\RIPPER3.iso" "C:\Ripper\RIPPER4.iso" "C:\Ripper\RIPPER5.iso" "C:\Ripper\RIPPER6.iso" -t iso mount C C:\Ripper C:\RIPPER /v3

Re: New DOSBox Frontend - DOSBox Game Launcher

I have not tried this program, but I used SWT under linux in one of my programs using a bash script like this: #!/bin/sh SWT_LIB="lib/swt-3.1-gtk-linux-x86" export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:${SWT_LIB} java -cp ${SWT_LIB}/swt.jar -Djava.library.path=${SWT_LIB} myprogram.Main The SWT library …

Re: Mounting Rayman CD image with DOSBox

ISOs do not have cd audio tracks, only cue/bin images have cd audio tracks. At least my version of rayman (german, from gold games compilation) does not work under linux, where ioctl is always enabled. The cue/bin image does not work as well. Are there different versions with and without copy …

Re: New proposed mount command syntax

- It could be that (sooner or later) image cycling is going to be implemented, there should be a way to specify this. - Unmounting and setting ide channels should be separated commands, in my opinion, since this is different functionality. (And you have less special cases when implementing the mount …

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