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Re: OS X- accessing CD drive

Hello, I've been reading this, and this has been a big help, I myself am a Mac OS X user, since we are in this subject and I am not trying to hijacked this topic, I am trying to play Under a Killing Moon, I've got it passed the sound get up but I can't get passed the "Please insert Disk 1 screen", …


Hello, I am now having problems with Blackthorne, every time I tried to run the game, all I get is this message http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/5813/picture1tt4.png and it stays there. Is there something I'm suppose to do? if so what should I do? also keep in mind that I am using the Mac version …

Sound Problems in Dark Forces

Hello, first of all I am appreciated for what you guys did, I was a former PC user turn to Mac, I've played a lot of Dos games back in the day. I am glad you guys made this emulator work for the Mac, I thought I would NEVER play Dos games ever again. Thank you Ok, back to the subject, I am having …

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