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Re: Dosbox 0.70 & Shadow Warrior

What a beauty, SW runs great under DoxBox 0.70 even in 800x600 SVGA. And after a little trouble with the IPX frame type i got the multiplayer working too. LO WANG RALLY, I'M COMING! Many thx to all contributers of DosBox, you just made one person alot happier 😀

Dosbox 0.70 & Shadow Warrior

Hi, DosBox 0.70 refuses to run Shadow Warrior. It used to work wich 0.65, now i get a black screen after the graphics init. I' ve tried switching to normal core and static cycles and I' ve turned off sound, but i still get the black screen. Any ideas? Greets Raskil Edit: Tried the DOS32a Extender …

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