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Re: MT-32 emulation

in MT-32 General
Stiletto: this may be of interest to some of your emulation friends (including Jarek) -- though 0.6MB/s is not that impressive (can get several times that with a USB2.0 chip or a custom PCI card), it's simple and inexpensive (it cost me less than US or so so far). I know Jarek has (or had, last …

Re: Adlib Emulation Bug (2.0.4 Update 1)

When the decay perimeter of an adlib instrument is set to 0, the note isn't released immediately, instead, there's a random delay before the release. It was fixed on 07/19. There was no MAME release since then, so... (okay, I'll remember to send these fixes to Vlad in future) Here's the fix: Please …

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