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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

There is a cd emulation error within ECE. We have found it in 3 games recently. The easiest to find example is with The Secret of Monkey Island VGA CD. This issue is confirmed to only exist within the ECE build. It does not exist in other DOSBox forks. I have tested the most recent build (4456) as …

Re: Rules of Engagement 2 IGS

Thanks ripsaw8080, that is a very useful fix. In testing v1.08 I have found some odd behavior. Tested and the linking with Breach 3 is working as intended. There seems to be one drawback though, it now tries to load Breach 3 even when the ROE2 module is supposed to link to a Breach 2 module which …

Re: Fit Up

Sorry to necro this thread, but I was messing with the thread again today and figured I'd check in and see if anyone had any news on progress patching this? Or if any of the X/svn/etc builds of dosbox had added support that may assist in running this? Thanks.

Lords of the Realm (1994) CD Version

This morning I was messing around with the Lords of the Realms Collection discs. I knew there was a windows CD version that added an intro FMV, voices, a Germany map, improved multiplayer etc. However I found there is a LORDSDDR.EXE file that is a DOS version. When it starts it asks you which drive …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Testing Golden Eagle w/ adlib audio I found that ECE appears to introduce a bug that is not replicated in the current SVN. Essentially, adlib audio sounded very muffled, so I changed it to cms. This sounds much better when selecting adlib in the game, however it also introduces high pitched static …

Re: Hardball 4: CD Audio

I have actually tried that, but thank you for the suggestion. The issue seems to be in getting the game to use the files.... All the setup options are for midi. Most games that offer both midi and CD audio have an option somewhere to switch between them 😒

Hardball 4: CD Audio

I have the cd version of Hardball 4 and I've been playing with various sound options in it. I am able to get several types of midi working great, however, for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the game to use CD Audio. There are 18 audio tracks on the CD, and listening to them they are …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows)

Maybe someone can help me with this. I've got Tomb Raider setup with a file that allows me to choose between the regular version, unfinished business, the regular version w/ 3dfx, and unfinished business w/ 3dfx. When running through ECE, all versions work except the base Tomb Raider 3DFX ( …

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