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Loom MT-32 Patch: Where to find?

http://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2012/10/l … -technical.html Users originally had to pay $10 and send in a card to receive the MT-32 patch, but it is available on LucasArts' support site. Last game to use a red filter for copy protection. Thanks!

Re: Win95 OSR 2.1/2.5 Install ERROR Message

Thanks, here is my setup: - PIII-800E - Abit BH-6 - 256MB SD-RAM PC100 - AWE64 Gold - Sound Canvas 55 MKII - SoftMPU - Windows 98SE (but I am using PhilComputerLabs', *pure* DOS option to play the launch the game from a DOS prompt) Well, both of my drives are CF cards (2GB for C:\ and another 32GB …

Win95 OSR 2.1/2.5 Install ERROR Message

I just learned that I need to copy the contents of Win95 folder located on the install CD , to another drive, and run the SETUP.EXE from there ( instead of the SETUP.EXE found on the actual CD ), this eliminates the error message reported here (and witnessed by me, on both OSR 2.1 , and OSR 2.5 ) …

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