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Re: DOSBox-X branch

Another question: am I supposed to use latest dosbox-x with internal mt32 emulation or external munt driver? I noticed that using external one emulation is better: all the games I tried seem to play mt32 tunes at lower (wrong) pitch if I use the internal one.

Re: dgvoodoo2's bugs feat. obscure games

Now I'm boosted to test if other games are fixed. Rockman123, Bear hero, zero comico: Working PERFECT Rc de go: Working GOOD (extremely slow loading on startup) puzzle bobble 4: Working GOOD (slow performance) suchie pai 3: Working GOOD (minor glitches, if it switches to windowed mode during intro …

Re: dgVoodoo 2.7.x and related WIP versions

About all those games which have problems with increasing resolution resulting in double cursor or post fx misalignment - could there be a potential fix in the future or it's just how it is for now and there's nothing anyone can do? This and screen flickering during fade-in/fade-out effects when …

Re: Knight Force copy protection

in Milliways
Eric Zmiro wrote a loader for his own games, I think its on a bundled release from Titus in 1995 iirc. I may be wrong but I think it uses a different protection compared to Titus the fox, prehistorik 2 and others. After messing around with Knight Force (i.e. debugging the copy protection) I _think_ …

Re: IBM PS/1 Audio Card.

if someone can test a dos game with real ps1 card hardware, please contact me privately. Here is a video explaining the bug I previously found in kq5 it-fr-ge-sp floppy releases (000.000.148/9 or similar). When dealing with dosbox-x ps1 emulation, this happens when getting objects: fuckin ugly …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

GordonFreeman wrote: I think this may have been discussed before, but PureVex, ReVolte, and Moon Racer are PowerSGL-only, right? Yep, and before you ask, the chance for you to find the first one (legally or illegally) is basically zero.

Re: WIP versions

Nba powerdunkers has a severe and weird problem: after starting the game successfully with dege's files and native d3drm.dll (it crashes with newer versions), main menus are correctly drawn but ingame and demo camera is dead: it stays fixed at the center of the field and it doesn't follow the action …

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