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Re: dgvoodoo2's bugs feat. obscure games

Now I'm boosted to test if other games are fixed. Rockman123, Bear hero, zero comico: Working PERFECT Rc de go: Working GOOD (extremely slow loading on startup) puzzle bobble 4: Working GOOD (slow performance) suchie pai 3: Working GOOD (minor glitches, if it switches to windowed mode during intro …

Re: dgVoodoo 2.7.x and related WIP versions

About all those games which have problems with increasing resolution resulting in double cursor or post fx misalignment - could there be a potential fix in the future or it's just how it is for now and there's nothing anyone can do? This and screen flickering during fade-in/fade-out effects when …

Re: Knight Force copy protection

in Milliways
Eric Zmiro wrote a loader for his own games, I think its on a bundled release from Titus in 1995 iirc. I may be wrong but I think it uses a different protection compared to Titus the fox, prehistorik 2 and others. After messing around with Knight Force (i.e. debugging the copy protection) I _think_ …

Re: IBM PS/1 Audio Card.

if someone can test a dos game with real ps1 card hardware, please contact me privately. Here is a video explaining the bug I previously found in kq5 it-fr-ge-sp floppy releases (000.000.148/9 or similar). When dealing with dosbox-x ps1 emulation, this happens when getting objects: fuckin ugly …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

GordonFreeman wrote: I think this may have been discussed before, but PureVex, ReVolte, and Moon Racer are PowerSGL-only, right? Yep, and before you ask, the chance for you to find the first one (legally or illegally) is basically zero.

Re: WIP versions

Nba powerdunkers has a severe and weird problem: after starting the game successfully with dege's files and native d3drm.dll (it crashes with newer versions), main menus are correctly drawn but ingame and demo camera is dead: it stays fixed at the center of the field and it doesn't follow the action …

Re: Fullscreen mode in Direct3D8 games on Windows 10

in Windows
Just didn't want to mention it directly, because if he couldn't find it I didn't want to be the one helping a guy who has problems reading two pages of information (this topic) use a program with 15 tabs of options. people should read stuff before asking further questions. In some instances, you …

Re: Fullscreen mode in Direct3D8 games on Windows 10

in Windows
UCyborg wrote: I haven't found the issue mentioned with relation to AMD or NVIDIA. I found this topic on Intel forums. It's from August 2017, before Win10 version 1809 was a thing. Disabling maximized windowed mode in Compatibility Administrator did the trick.

Re: Fullscreen mode in Direct3D8 games on Windows 10

in Windows
The included version of DirectX has nothing to do with which API the game uses. That game uses DirectDraw, so this... oook...I first tested the game long ago and I retried again today: my brain played a trick on me and for some odd reason I treated it as a direct3d8 game. Both Dege's and Narzoul's …

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