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Re: End of an Era

Funnily enough, Morrowind was actually the 'killer app' that made me buy/compile a new PC back in 2002...! Tried at first to make it run on my 1998 model Abit BX slot1 mobo, with a TNT(1!) card.... It started up and I could move around, 1-5 frames per second or so, while still in the recruitment/ …

Re: What music are you listening to?

in Milliways
For some reason this thing below has been on a loop lately.... Found it randomly for 1 euro at our local SalvationArmy outlet - and it looked soo out of place, I just had to take it home. Granted, I'd heard of him before, being almost the only LPs available in the book stores I visited in some …

Re: vga analog output accuracy measuring

.... i am looking for a good analog vga cable. http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=25581 (bottom comments) If you are still looking, I suppose those IXOS ones would be really nice, if you are able to actually get them shipped to you in Austria...(!) They are extremely thick, compared to any other …

Re: Public FTP servers thread

in Milliways
Will take me too much time to try to describe these, but there is something interesting there, somewhere, be it bios/drivers/games/useful programs etc, depending on which level you go. If the direct link seems too specific, just go up a level or 2 and look around. There is usually an index text file …

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