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Re: @firestorm225: Error in your guide

I have another quick question, I thought I'd ask here instead of making a new topic. Is there any way you guys can rehost the images I posted in the "Newbie's Pictorial Guide to DosBOX" or upload them as attachments instead of it going off of my website? My bandwidth is very limited and my host …

Re: Need for Speed

Yeah, it'll definitely work. I just have a non-CD based version from PC Gamer magazine, so it was easier for me to get working. You should be able to find the demo for the original online if you want to try the game. My specs are: Athlon XP 1700+ GeForce4 TI4400 128mb 512mb ram I cycled up until CPU …

Re: Comments from Pictorial Guide to DOSBox

Thanks 😀 I updated the performance section, added CD Rom info, and cleaned the post up a bit. I noticed on the website that a new official version is coming soon, yay! I'll be sure to pass around the link on the other forums I'm active on, and hopefully some people will find the guide useful.

The Newbie's Pictorial Guide To DOSBox

I decided to write this easy to read guide with pictures because many newbies like myself have a hard time getting programs to work, even when others try to explain it to them. DOSBox is a great program, so hopefully this will encourage more people to use it. Keep in mind, however, that I am a …

Re: Comments on the screenshots of the cvs

Missed this one earlier... Why on Earth are you running "Dark Forces" in DosBox? Why not? :) No sound at all on Windows XP + very difficult steps that need to be followed in order to even get it installed (like running a .bat file each time in the DOS XP console) made me lose my interest in the …

Re: Cant run from C:\

I'm going to see if I can come up with a quick pictoral guide on how to get started with Dosbox 😀 I know it's difficult for some people to go through with the DOS commands, and I found the front end for it a little on the difficult side to use, so maybe that'll help some people.

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